Key Personnel

Daniel McClaran, Owner/President/CEO

Daniel McClaran is sole owner and president of DTS, Inc. He has over thirty years of experience in tree service operations. Mr. McClaran started his tree removal business in 1979 serving local residences, businesses, and municipalities. It quickly expanded across the state of South Carolina. After a few short years in the tree business, he shifted the company to disaster relief management. Now with almost twenty years of experience in disaster recovery, he has led DTS, Inc. through major projects including hurricane, ice storm, and tornado recovery and reduction. He has contracted and ran over sixty major projects throughout the Eastern seaboard, the Gulf coast, the Midwest, and California. Daniel has served as the project manager in every event and remains on location throughout the operations to cooperate with local officials, FEMA, state emergency management, and any other necessary agencies. Mr. McClaran has the experience, equipment, manpower, and technology to take on large scale projects and still be personally involved in each event.

Morgan McClaran, Chief Financial Officer

Morgan McClaran manages the administrative and financial aspects of DTS, Inc. She oversees the home office and the field offices set up in the event of a disaster. Morgan has years of experience in the financial field for disaster recovery management in dealing with work from invoicing government agencies to FEMA reimbursement. She has helped integrate new technologies into the recovery efforts for the company and developed a tracking system the company uses on each assignment. Her knowledge and experience in the storm world helps to ensure that each project is done with accuracy and efficiency.

Lee Buffington, Disaster Recovery Specialist

Mr. Buffington has substantial experience in disaster response and recovery. He has worked with DTS, Inc for many years and works closely with Daniel McClaran by providing on site management and supervision. He has owned and operated companies that coordinate with Disaster Relief Management that include: Trucking/hauling and landscaping. He communicates and maintains relationships with county personnel regarding existing and future contracts. Mr. Buffington is a remarkable asset to our company.

Doyle Hall, Field Project Manager

Doyle Hall has been part of DTS, Inc. since 1991. He has worked with Daniel through every storm and is extremely experienced in debris removal. He knows the ins and outs to debris pickup and reduction. His firsthand work through major storms from Hurricane Fran in 1996 to Hurricane Katrina and Wilma in 2005, Hurricane Ike in 2008, and many tornadoes and ice storms along the way has given Doyle endless experience and ability as our field project manager and debris reduction manager.

Laura Young, Controller/Contract Manager

Laura Young began working at DTS, Inc. in 2005 at the onset of hurricane season. She worked through Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma organizing and recording data and assisting in subcontractor payrolls. Since then she has progressed in the company to contract manager and is responsible for all invoicing to agencies and subcontractors. Ms. Young oversees employee payroll, daily office operations, formulating contracts, and all internal accounting functions. Ms. Young also serves as our Equal Employment Officer. She is a strong link between home and field offices. Her meticulous record keeping and diligent work helps DTS, Inc. accomplish jobs successfully.

Willis Melton, Senior Onsite Mechanic

Willis Melton is our mechanic manager. He has thirty six years of extensive experience as a diesel mechanic with cars and small and heavy-duty equipment. As a technician he is knowledgeable with items from skid steers, forklifts, and heavy operational equipment. Mr. Melton also served as operations manager for a construction and demolition landfill for five years. With his past experience and safety and automobile training, Mr. Milton ensures that our equipment is in optimal working condition and is prepared for any incident that may arise during disaster work.

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